2 Samuel 7

War has ended in the land and a time of peace is beginning. Many scholars believe ch. 7 actually occurs after 2 Samuel 8. David desires to build a temple for the ark of the covenant, but the Lord instructs him that his son would build the temple in a future generation. David’s desire is justifiable because he lives in a mansion while the ark of God sits in a tent (vs. 1). However, God’s covenant promise to David was that an everlasting kingdom would be established forever through David’s family line. David’s posture before God was to do whatever the Lord would lead him to do.

This covenant promise foretells the coming Messiah, Jesus Christ. As you read this passage, consider the following questions:

  1. Where are you holding onto something to build your kingdom vs. God’s kingdom? This could be a material item, money, your plans, career ambitions, etc. Anything that promotes a lifestyle of self-gratification needs to be submitted to the Lordship of Christ. His plans for you in His mission will fulfill you far beyond your selfish longings.
  2. Do you have wonder and awe for God’s kingdom living in you? Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to the disciples in Acts 2 to empower you for daily witnessing. Read Psalm 9 to remember the greatness of who God is.

Because David kept a faithful posture before the Lord, he was able to discern that many good intentions are not necessarily God’s ideas. Is your greatest concern building your own kingdom, or God’s kingdom?


Jason Marshall

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