Today’s Prayer:

March 31, 2014God’s Power to Pray For

Lord Jesus, forgive me for trying to love and serve people through my own power and wisdom. I ask that the Holy Spirit would come and guide me into serving You to the people around me. Today, I especially pray for the needs of the following people …

Daily Question

March 31, 2014God’s Person to Share With

Talk with your prayer partner about which of the three characteristics of Jesus-centered serving, based on Acts 9:34, you need to grow in. Are there people you have been helping, but have not prayed with yet?    


March 30, 2014Weekly Devotional

God has used music to speak to me over the years. I especially like scripture that is put to song. Several years ago my husband wrote a song. Some of the words are taken from 2 Corinthians 12:9 and Hebrews 13:5. Here are some excerpts from that song. Sometimes life gets us down. Sometimes the … Read More

Today’s Prayer:

March 29, 2014God’s Power to Pray For

Lord Jesus, teach me to follow the Word of God and establish right boundaries with the people I love. Today, I especially pray for ____________ (name a particular person and sin issue you are dealing with in that relationship).