Pray for one another

August 26, 2017Daily Reading

– James 5:16 PERSONAL: Ask God what He wants you to take away from these 14 Days of Prayer. Act on what He says. CORNERSTONE: Pray that this year we would see many salvations. MOTIVATION: Pray for Motivation’s Launch day!

Serve one another

August 25, 2017Daily Reading

 – Philippians 2:3-8 PERSONAL: Ask God what ways He wants you to serve in the body of Christ. Act on what He says. CORNERSTONE: Pray for joy to be part of the serving culture of Cornerstone. MOTIVATION: Pray for our nal serve day at Falling Creek.

Preserve one another

August 24, 2017Daily Reading

 – Psalm 18:1-7 PERSONAL: Ask God who needs to be restored with gentleness and how. Act on what He says. CORNERSTONE: Pray that our hunger for God’s word would deepen. MOTIVATION: Pray for energy for the team as we learn our portable church load in/out.  

Prefer one another

August 23, 2017Daily Reading

– Romans 8:9-10 PERSONAL: Ask God who you can prefer today and how. Act on what He says. CORNERSTONE: Pray that the unity in our diversity would continue to be a lighthouse in the community. MOTIVATION: Pray for Portable Church as they travel with our church equipment.  

Have compassion for one another

August 22, 2017Daily Reading

– Luke 15:20 PERSONAL: Ask God who to show mercy to today and how. Act on it. CORNERSTONE: Pray that God would deepen our thirst for His presence in our worship. MOTIVATION: Pray for continued unity in the team.

Admonish one another

August 21, 2017Daily Reading

– Colossians 3:6 PERSONAL: Ask God to expose any wrong way or attitude in you. Confess it with another and receive God’s forgiveness. CORNERSTONE: Pray that Christ’s righteousness would be our focus and aim. MOTIVATION: Pray for our launch team meetings.

Send one another

August 20, 2017Daily Reading

 – Acts 13:3 PERSONAL: Ask God who He is sending you to today, and how you can share the love of Jesus with them in a practical way. CORNERSTONE: Head to and pray for one of our missionaries. MOTIVATION: Pray as we do outreach within the community.

Pray for one another

August 19, 2017Daily Reading

– James 5:16 PERSONAL: Ask God whose burden He wants you to carry in prayer. Share with that person that you are praying for them today. CORNERSTONE: Pray for Sunday’s Service to be a time in God’s holy presence and word. MOTIVATION: Pray for the residents in the community that the Lord would soften their … Read More

Carry one another’s burdens

August 18, 2017Daily Reading

– Galatians 6:2 PERSONAL: Ask God how to respond to those with burdens and struggles who need your grace. CORNERSTONE: Pray for divine healing for those in our church family with sickness and broken relationships. MOTIVATION: Pray for Pastor Travis and Brittany as they serve the community.

Build one another up

August 17, 2017Daily Reading

 – 1 Thess 5:11 PERSONAL: Ask God which relationship needs to be stabilized and secured in love, and how. Act on what He says. CORNERSTONE: Pray that Cornerstone’s witness would be one of a safe, secure, honest and humble community. MOTIVATION: Pray for strength and stamina for the team that will lead weekly.