What is Freedom Ministry?

Cornerstone Freedom Ministry (CFM) are trained lay ministers who show the love of Jesus by helping individuals discover biblical truths that will guide them to overcoming sin and emotional wounds. With either sin or wounds, the answer is always Jesus and the Cross.

CFM mainly uses three types of ministry tools: Seven Steps to Freedom by Neil T. Anderson, The Elijah House School of Prayer Ministry by John Sandford, and Transformational Prayer Ministry by Dr. Ed Smith. Each method is valid and unique and are effective tools in the hands of our trained ministers.

We are here to help people find the root causes to the pain or sin they are experiencing and help bring healing and restoration through intensive prayer and asking the Lord Jesus to speak into their unique situation.

Discipleship training is offered through:

  • Freedom In Christ Small Group Bible Study
  • Elijah House Prayer Ministry Training
  • Individual Ministry / by appointment (This is not a counseling session but time to help you learn to interact with God in pursuit of freedom through the truth of God’s word.)

Our goal is to help you:

Understand your identity in Christ
Find freedom from past emotional wounds
Discover the truth about how God views you
Stand against spiritual wickedness
Maintain spiritual health