May 10: Resurrection Thinking

May 11, 2020Daily Reading

Luke 24:13-35 Why the two disciples were going to Emmaus we are not sure but we can reasonably assume that they were familiar with the place. It provided some sort of safe haven, a place to try to make sense of what was happening; a place to process. We all need such places don’t we. … Read More

May 7: Hospitality

May 7, 2020Daily Reading

Sabrina Gissendanner My parents were the gracious hosts in our family. They knew how to make people feel welcome and comfortable in their home. Mom loved to cook so there was always plenty of good food to share. I believe the Lord refreshed many hearts as my parents broke bread with various people they hosted … Read More

May 6: Everyday Resurrection: How is your foundation?

May 6, 2020Daily Reading

Elder Diane Huff “Everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall because it had its foundation on the … Read More

May 5: Who is in Your Boat?

May 6, 2020Daily Reading

Elder Jay Grandin Matthew 14:22-36 Hello Cornerstone Family, I hope and pray that all are as well as can be in these challenging times and that you and your family are staying healthy. My devotional today is focused on Jesus and his disciples and the familiar Bible passage of Jesus walking on water and being … Read More

May 4: God’s Kisses

May 6, 2020Daily Reading

By Elder Pat Hein During World War II, Corrie Ten Boom was imprisoned in a German concentration camp. The gloom and rain outside added to the inmates’ despair. The prisoners were called out to stand at attention before their captors. As Corrie waited in formation, damp and chilled, her eyes strayed to a lone red … Read More

The Word Tells Us Jesus Is Coming Again

December 23, 2017Daily Reading

December 23rd. Two days away from Christmas.  Most of us are working hard to get everything ready.  We are working hard because we want the day to be filled with joy and love.  There is a great sense of anticipation and joy for Christmas morning to finally get here.  That’s how Jesus, “the Word made … Read More

Study The Word and Search The Scriptures

December 22, 2017Daily Reading

So, you’ve been reading this devotional, you come to Cornerstone, you love God and have committed your life to Him.  Those things are all awesome!  You’ve been reading your Bible and you and your family are growing in your spirituality – taking a journey that will yield much fruit. As you approach this day, I … Read More

Love The Word and Let It Dwell In Our Hearts

December 21, 2017Daily Reading

Here it says that the word and the law of God is sweeter than honey on the lips of the person receiving it and meditating on it day and night, which is what we’re all called to do. Not just pastors, directors, and teachers, but followers of Christ. Now I’m not saying that every word … Read More

Feed On The Word, For It Is Our Spiritual Food

December 20, 2017Daily Reading

During this time of year, we all look forward to the holidays because we get to feast on lots of delicious food!  Each year, we gather around the table and we get to enjoy the food and fellowship with family and friends.  It’s a time that we look forward to all year long.  However, the … Read More

Teach The Word to Our Children

December 19, 2017Daily Reading

While stationed in Hawaii, a few months before my beautiful daughter Tia was born, I was given a Bible from my parents for Christmas.  When Tia would cry, I would read it to her and she would instantly quiet down. If I stopped reading, she would cry again, so I would read more and she … Read More