August 25, 2013Weekly Devotional

Do you think today’s world or culture sees and understands beauty the way it was originally designed? Do you think today’s world would look at you and see a different kind of beauty in your attitude, your actions or your words? What is beauty? Beauty is what reflects God. Beauty has to do with God … Read More

Woe & Wooing: THE CALL TO COME

August 18, 2013Weekly Devotional

As we finish up our “Summer to Know God Better” reading series in Isaiah remember that: God is GOOD. God is LOVE. God’s goals and plans for us are ALWAYS GOOD. (1 JOHN 4:8) HE created us for RELATIONSHIPS and to be conformed into His IMAGE. (Romans 8:29-30) *To be like Jesus and to become … Read More

God is Trying to Tell You Something

August 11, 2013Weekly Devotional

I slipped into my seat, grabbed my notebook, read the title of Chuck King’s sermon and laughed out loud…right there in front of God and everyone! It read; “God Is Trying To Tell You Something”. Ironically for months now, I have been focused on seeking the Lord’s direction for a particular decision; to little avail-so … Read More

A Hezekiah Heart

August 8, 2013Weekly Devotional

“As long as my faith gives me peace and security, who cares if the next generation suffers.” When Pastor Shawn uttered that sentence I felt exposed. Like a doctor’s scalpel, God used those words to go beneath my skin and expose the heart within. Where were the places where I used faith to cover my … Read More

To God Be the Glory!

August 4, 2013Weekly Devotional

When was the last time you experienced God’s glory in your life? At 6:30 pm last night I was reading through the sermon notes and trying to come up with the first paragraph for this devotion. I finally decided to ask myself the following question, “Do you recall the last time you saw a beautiful … Read More