“When we are children, creating a defensive wall to shield us from pain can serve as one of God’s great gifts to us. The transition into adulthood, however, requires that we mature through our “defense mechanisms” of denial in favor of honestly looking at what is true – at reality. Jesus himself said, “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” John 8:32. Unconsciously, however, we carry many defensive maneuvers into adulthood to protect ourselves from pain. And in adulthood, they block us from growing up spiritually and emotionally. (page 141)

When we go through difficult seasons in our lives, they can be very painful and uncomfortable to walk through. Although they may be painful, it’s important for us not to protect ourselves from feeling. Those seasons in our life are designed to mold us into the person that God intended for us to be and get us to where He wants us to go. They can build our character, our faith, and even teach us how to seek God in the hard times. Just as Roman 8:28 says, He is working it out for our good.

Pastor Anedra

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