I slipped into my seat, grabbed my notebook, read the title of Chuck King’s sermon and laughed out loud…right there in front of God and everyone! It read; “God Is Trying To Tell You Something”. Ironically for months now, I have been focused on seeking the Lord’s direction for a particular decision; to little avail-so writing this specific devotional reminded me that Papa has a wonderful sense of humor, as well as great timing.

Seriously though, God is indeed speaking so what should we be doing to listen? One of the best ways is by positioning ourselves to a place conducive for receiving. So what does that practically look like?

First; BE PREPARED. No, not prepared like the Boy Scout’s motto, but rather be prepared to listen! There are numerous ways to do that which will vary per individual, but here are a few to get you started.

BE AVAILABLE. God may want to speak but if you don’t make time to listen you’ll miss it. Carve out time to make listening a priority.

BE STILL. Often He speaks in a still small voice, but that’s difficult to hear when there is a myriad of concerns churning around on the inside. Get quiet before Him.

BE READY. When I am actively listening I try to keep my notebook or journal in hand. Sometimes this helps me focus, listen and remember what He’s said.

BE OPEN. Don’t put God in a box. He may not speak the way you had imagined.

BE PATIENT. Be willing to wait on Him. This can be difficult when others are seeking your input, but don’t settle for man’s word when God’s voice is needed.

BE CONTENT. Although there is a sense of urgency to hear God’s voice, learn contentment where He has you today and in the blessings and promises He’s already shared.

BE SENSITIVE TO HINDRANCES. Sometimes distractions can hinder us from hearing God’s voice. Common hindrances include; doubt, busyness, distraction, fear, disobedience or delayed obedience.

BE QUICK TO OBEY. If He tells you something that requires action, then be quick to obey. Often, immediate obedience brings an earlier revelation of the next step He’s calling us to.

Then; BE ALERT AND EXPECTANT. God may speak at any time or in any place. Be actively listening for it and let your heart cry be that of Samuel; “Speak Lord for Thy servant is listening.”

Clearly I’m no expert on this, but I’ve learned at least one thing during my quest and that is; don’t let your focus be on hearing God’s voice, let it be on drawing close…for no word compares with sitting on our Papa’s lap, lovingly entwined in His embrace! Make your ultimate goal one of humble worship and heartfelt adoration and eventually the answer you seek will come-in His time, though know that its importance will fade in comparison to our divine romance!

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Sandy Anderson
Community Director

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