Who could have imagined the eternal implications of Ruth’s faithfulness to Naomi? Choosing to leave her homeland, family & all she knew in obedience. Think it was a simple act? Ruth’s faithfulness is Naomi led to a place in the royal lineage of Christ!

Ruth 2 provides a clear picture of her servant heart as she goes out to glean. (In today’s job market this is equivalent to Ruth taking a minimum wage job.) Her days: trusting God, working in the fields & taking care of Naomi. I hope you saw it when you read Ruth 2. Did her motivation come from wanting to please herself or worldly gain? No. Ruth was focused on serving, caring for & loving Naomi as well as loving the Lord. While she went about her ordinary days in faith, God worked behind the scenes. He provided a redeemer for Ruth in the form of Boaz, who protected & cared for her. God worked His sovereign will out amid Ruth’s everyday life experiences. He will do the same for you. He’s already provider your redeemer – Jesus.

We all experience seasons of questioning God’s plan. Our minds cannot grasp how God will work it out. So we struggle. Choosing to continue in faith through difficult circumstances yield miraculous results no human could achieve. It speaks volumes to people around us. Hearts are moved without uttering a single word. In those “faith” moments –God is working behind the scenes. Keep believing.

Kelly McGaha

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