Sunday, December 11

Light the three candles on your wreath and sing or read together the hymn, “Angels We Have Heard on High.”



Read: Luke 1:46-55



In the Scripture, we read Mary’s song of praise and joy. There must have been times when Mary was frightened, worried, fearful, and sad. But we have these words of joy from her that came even during a time when she was unsure of the future. Her words can guide us to look for the joy of God even when things may be uncertain for us.


Joy is not the same as happy. Joy is a deeper feeling created by knowing that God cares for us. Joy is remembering that God sent Jesus so we would always know God’s care. During Advent, we pray that we may remember again God’s gift of Jesus to the world and know the joy that gift brings to all people.




Discuss together what you can do to live out the JOY of Jesus to those around you this week.


Commit to that demonstration of joy and finish with a prayer of gratitude, thanking Jesus for the joy He brings to your life.

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