Week of Hope



Sunday, November 27

Light the first candle on your wreath as you sing or read together the hymn, “O Come, All Ye Faithful.”



Read: Isaiah 11:1-11



When we light the first candle, we remember God’s long-awaited promise to send a Savior to the world for all people. The prophet Isaiah wrote about this Savior, who would bring a kingdom of love, justice and peace. For generations, families waited and hoped for this Savior King to be born into the world. Even today, there are many whom this Saving King is yet to be born.




Discuss together how you can live out the HOPE of Jesus to those around you this week. Can you send cards, bake some cookies for a neighbor, or invite a friend to church? Be creative! Commit to that demonstration of hope and finish with a prayer of gratitude, thanking Jesus for being the source of hope.

Each day this week, take time to read a promise of HOPE and pray for those in your family, community, church and nation.

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