Worship Advocates

We lead…
people, not songs. We lead with our eyes and hands open. We lead with a face-posture and a body-posture that reflects our heart-posture (Psalm 34:5). We can lead those who know us much better than those who see us.

We value…
everyday, worship AND weekend worship; the corporate worship response as much as the personal worship response; the leading of the Holy Spirit more than the song chart; the eternal touch of Jesus more than the emotional touch of music; living life together more than doing ministry together.

We believe…
God’s presence produces holy living; right relationships are more important than personal preferences; we shouldn’t sing anything we’re not willing to live out; God uses ministry environments as a “lab” to grow our everyday character.

We don’t….
practice until we get it right; we practice until we can’t get it wrong. We don’t want to offer a perfect sacrifice; we want to offer a pleasing sacrifice. We don’t dress to impress; we dress to serve.

We are…
leading Jesus-centered worship experiences
that leave a lasting impression.

Join us!

If you want to help us create a Jesus-centered, worshiping culture at Cornerstone, we are always looking to equip and empower more worship advocates in our band, the choir and our media teams.

A few guidelines to help you get started:

1. Download our Worship Advocate Packet here.

2. Submit a recording of yourself playing or singing to a well-known worship song to bbaldwin@cornerstone.ag.

3. Plan to attend rehearsals for a minimum of 4 weeks to get to know our systems, songs and “how we lead worship.” New vocalists begin by singing with the choir for a designated time period. Auditions for the Front Line are always welcome, and happen on a one on one basis.

4. Be ready to serve in any way possible. Be intentional about building relationships.


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