I Samuel 15

God selected Saul to be Israel’s first king, then He sent him on a mission. His task was clearly articulated; he was to completely destroy the entire population of the Amalekites (including animals).

Saul wiped out every person EXCEPT their king, Agag. He and his army also kept all the animals that were healthy (and valuable). God considered this partial obedience as complete disobedience and he was rejected as Israel’s king.

How did this happen to Saul?

He started on a slippery slope by “tweaking” what God had actually commanded. Here’s how it progressed:

  1. First, he compromised by choosing human desires over what God had clearly directed.
  2. Next, he rationalized his choices by claiming that it was done for God.
  3. Finally, he minimized his disobedience.

Saul forgot that:

1a. God’s command must come above man’s desires.
2a. God is the one who sees the very motives of our hearts, so He knows our true intentions.
3a. Our Father considers partial obedience as disobedience.

When He sends us on a mission (which happens every day) let’s be careful to fully obey His every command. And when we fall short here’s a hint: Don’t rationalize. Don’t minimize. Don’t compromise.

God’s desire is to bless every act of obedience, big and small. Today, let’s be sure to give Him many opportunities to do just that!

Pastor Sandy

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