I Samuel 5

In I Samuel 4, the Bible records the great devastation that the Philistines brought upon the Israelites. Israel lost over 30,000 soldiers, their priests had been killed and the Ark had been captured. In chapter 5 the Bible shares “behind the scene” action that transpired within the very temple of the enemies of God’s people. The captured Ark was brought into Dagon’s temple (the Philistine’s god), assumedly to show up Jehovah and His “lack of power” compared to Dagon.

Israel, no doubt was in deep mourning over their great losses and probably felt unable to fight for themselves, to get back the Ark or even to honor God’s name. But just then, the hero of the story (God) does what He does best…He shows Himself to be the ONE true God! He “helps” the Philistine god Dagon to a position of “worship” on his face showing Dagon to be powerless in the presence of the ONE true God and panic ensues.

One day, God will step into the light and every eye will see Him in His glory. There is no God besides our God, so let’s be careful to give Him the honor, adoration and glory due to His name!

Today let’s take a few moments to ponder the greatness of our God and look for someone that we can share about what He’s done (and doing) in our lives and how they can know this GREAT God too!

Pastor Sandy

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