Ruth 1

Today’s reading, Ruth chapter one, really sets the stage for what is to come and tells us a lot about Ruth’s character.

Why do you think she decided to do as she did? What can you take from that for yourself?

Strong, determined… and submissive??

I can’t honestly say what many people would have done, had they been in Ruth’s position.

She was pretty faithful to follow through on her commitment to her husband, who had passed, as well as to his family. To me this shows not only her commitment to submitting to the Lord and the path He set for her in her marriage, but also her determination. She wasn’t going to give up. She continued to serve her husband even after his death by staying with his mother, even when his mom released her from her bond. There is a saying at Cornerstone that says “impossible dreams happen, when we consistently take possible steps. This is what Ruth did.

I never expected I would ever write that someone was both submissive, as well as strong and determined before, and especially not in the same sentence and at the same time. Years ago I sure didn’t expect a person could be both. Reading this again, I think Ruth is most definitely both of those things.

Pastor Travis

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