According to Romans 8:14-17, a key indicator of our spiritual family of origin is our ability (and our willingness) to be led by God’s Spirit. It is a badge of our eternal parentage and our everlasting heritage. And God’s precious Spirit is such a wonderful guide we need never fear where He’ll lead us. His path will always bring us into a place of adoption (sonship), which gives us confidence that we are truly His.

Thankfully, we are not His in name only, for in the original Greek language the word “sonship” here refers to the full legal standing of an heir. So all that the Father has He longs to bestow upon each of His children and God has no favorites; His love reaches equally and eternally to every son and daughter.

Growing up, I never had the intimate father-daughter relationship with my earthly dad that I saw in other families, so it was something I deeply longed for. So imagine my joy when godly mentors helped me understand that the great God of the universe delights for me to call Him Papa, because intimacy is something He desires too. And no matter what name for Him fits your life; always know that your voice calling to Him is a joy to His heart!

It is by His Spirit that we have the divine privilege to call Him Father, Daddy or Papa God. Today may we cry out to our Father knowing we are His!

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