Naomi had experienced many troubles and losses in her life and she became depressed. One loss built upon another, until she wanted to give up. But Naomi had a priceless treasure that she didn’t see; Ruth!

Even though Naomi didn’t realize it herself, those looking from the outside saw God’s providential care for her through Ruth – even if her heart was closed to it at the moment. They realized that God had provided safety and security for her and Ruth through Boaz and their son (and grandson) Obed. They also recognized that the woman Naomi had tried to send away had blossomed into a far greater blessing than that of having seven sons, so great was Ruth’s relentless love for Naomi. Ruth loved selflessly – and a pure, selfless love can change EVERYTHING!

Eventually Obed fathered Jesse who was the father of King David and it all began from a young woman who chose to stubbornly love someone who had given up on life and become bitter.

God’s perfect love given by His imperfect children can change the hardest of hearts and sets into motion a harvest of blessing and new life!

Who is the Father calling you to love extravagantly today? May we each say yes to His call this week!


Pastor Sandy

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