Romans 3:23-31 reminds us that we stand equally guilty of sin and also equally in need of God’s righteousness. God’s plan for our righteousness was fully accomplished by His efforts and due to His sacrificial gift; i.e. we brought nothing to the equation to deserve it and we can do nothing to earn it – it comes solely from His hand of love and grace. We find our justification through His acts of love.

He alone is the giver of righteousness and justification and we are merely the receivers. It reminds me a little of a parent’s role for their young child at Christmas. It’s the parent’s responsibility to bestow gifts on their child and not the other way around. The child merely chooses to graciously accept (or reject) the gift offered. But eventually, every child should grow in love and maturity, causing them to take the actions needed to be able to give of themselves to the parent as well. Of course those gifts will be a faint echo of the parent’s original love and gift.

The Father’s love gifts to us should also cause our love and gratitude to begin flowing freely from our justified hearts and the faith and works of righteousness that we choose to shower upon our Heavenly Father are received by Him as precious attempts to echo and imitate His original gift to us.

Take a moment today to offer Him the gifts that you alone can bring-your love and your life!

Pastor Sandy 

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