According to Hebrews 4:15-16, our great High Priest has compassion on our weaknesses. He knows firsthand the temptations that pelt us and He understands their power and attraction. So as we dare to draw near, His shed blood, having been applied to our hearts extends acceptance to us like a royal scepter of grace, similar to how King Ahasuerus extended his to Queen Esther (Esther 5:2). Except God’s is not a fleeting mercy or compassion; it is from everlasting to everlasting, so we can eternally approach God’s throne with every confidence of a loving embrace!


Praise God for a throne of grace! It’s not a throne of judgment, nor a seat of condemnation; because left to our own devices that exactly what we’d deserve. And if not for Jesus’s sacrifice, that’s exactly what we’d be getting. But praise God, instead, it is a throne; a seat of power that not only represents unmerited favor, it’s a powerful favor that actively flows to every believer. Where we should receive rejection and punishment; there flows instead a raging torrent of grace! This grace unleashed envelops our lives and brings with it acceptance and relationship.


Beloved, He sees ALL that you are today; nothing escapes His all-seeing eyes, but take heart for He sits upon a throne of grace with open arms to not only receive us, but to grant us the fullest measure of His grace and mercy when we need it most. May our hearts swell with boundless love and thanksgiving!


Pastor Sandy

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