1 Samuel 21:10-22:2


As I glanced through the mail, some words on a card from a charitable organization caught my eye: WE NEED YOUR DISCARDS! The meaning was straightforward and simple: Whatever you don’t want, we’ll take. Those household items you call rubbish, rejects, throwaways, and junk, we’ll use to help people in need.

While thinking about such a collection of castoffs, I recalled something I had read in the book of 1 Samuel. A company of desperate men gathered around an uncrowned king who was running for his life. The 400 men who joined David at the cave of Adullam were in distress, in debt, and discontented. Each one faced difficulty and discouragement. “So [David] became captain over them” (1 Samuel 22:2).

In many ways, Christians are a collection of desperate people who have answered the invitation of Jesus: “Come to Me” (Matthew 11:28). By faith, we acknowledge Christ as our Captain, Savior, Leader, and Lord. We come as we are so that we can become what He wants us to be.


Pastor Travis

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