Mark 8: 1- 13 talks about Jesus and the disciples feeding the four thousand.  Jesus had just spent 3 days with the people and wanted to feed them, but the disciples were questioning how this would happen.  Jesus told everyone to sit down, He picked up the bread, gave thanks, and gave it to the disciples to distribute.  He also did the same with the fish.  Everyone left healed and filled, but afterward the Pharisees questioned Jesus for signs from heaven, although they had just witnessed a miracle.

This scenario really isn’t about the loaves of bread or the fish, but about Jesus. The disciples were limited in what they could do. With Jesus all things are made possible!  So many times we are like the disciples or the Pharisees.  Oftentimes we are held captive by our situations rather than looking to the one who can bring a resolve to them. We have seen, read, and heard of His miracles and yet we continue to doubt and question Him.  We serve a God who is still in the miracle working business.  He’s the same yesterday, today, and forever!  Choose to look at the Creator, the one who has all power in His hands, and don’t allow disbelief to suffocate your faith.  Give thanks to God in every situation and allow Him to bring a miracle into your life.

Pastor Anedra

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