The story of the raising of Jairus’ daughter and the healing of the woman who touched the “hem of Jesus’ garment” are two of the best known and best loved in scripture. These events in the ministry of Jesus reveal so much to us. They display the tremendous power of Jesus to heal. They show us that Jesus has power even to give life to the dead. They also show us the importance role of faith in giving Jesus the opportunity to work in our lives.

Jesus knew exactly what would happen. Jesus was in complete control of the situation. Jairus was able to place his trust in Jesus, not knowing  how things would turn out. Think of the times when you knew exactly what you wanted God to do for you, and how anxious you were in waiting. Sometimes the most difficult thing in the world is to wait on God to act. This is especially true when we think we know what God should do.

God does not always work on the time schedule we would initially hope for. Jesus does not always answer our prayers and requests in the way we had initially hoped. Whether we are patient or not, God acts in accordance with his will, not with our wishes and desires. However, like Jairus, we find that when God does act, it is usually much more powerful and beautiful than what we had imagined it would be.

Pastor Rowena

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