What Does the Soil Look Like in Your Life?

A quick look at the soil of your life will greatly determine the fruitfulness of your everyday life. The reality is that Jesus always has seeds to plant into your life if you are willing to hear Him. Consider the parable of the sower…

1. Along the path, the birds came and ate the seeds. All of us face struggles and challenges…the question is, ‘how are you dealing with those struggles and challenges? This kind of person forgets Jesus in the midst of the storm.

2. In the rocky soil, the seed blows away easily because it can’t get into the soil. For example, when you live w/o an attitude of gratitude, your heart is not ready to receive the Lord’s Word.

3. In the thorns, the seeds have no room to grow, therefore, they have no ability to prosper. Sinful choices shut the door to God’s Word growing daily in your life.

4. In the good soil, seeds have the ability to receive needed nourishment to prosper. The life of a prosperous Christian is one whose soil is continuously plowed and tended to.

What you are putting in the soil of your life greatly impacts the way you view God and your fruitfulness in God’s kingdom. Who or what gets the priority of your time, thoughts, emotions, and money?

Diligently tend to the small choices in life to reap a lifestyle of spiritual fruitfulness full of good soil. Your choices will never be perfect…but letting Jesus direct your steps will lead to a life-well lived.

Pastor Jason Marshall


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