Love. This concept has been misused and misapplied. Our society tells us that love is whatever feels right or that it’s about making others happy. But Romans 12:9-20 gives us a different view-God’s view. Take a moment and think about your relationships-the good ones and especially the difficult ones and see how your version of love measures up to God’s.
Love must be sincere in an insincere world.
Love actively clings to what is good.
Love is devoted to flawed people.
Love honors the undeserving.
Love leads by example instead of waiting for someone else to show up or step up.
Love still values those who have scorned it.
Love abounds in spiritual fervor in a culture of apathy.
Love dares to joyfully, patiently hope in the face of bleakness.
Love faithfully, fervently prays.
Love shares generously with those in need.
Love habitually, intentionally loves strangers.
Love speaks well of those who persecute them.
Love watches for ways to abundantly bless.
Love rejoices with the joyful and mourns with the grieving.
Love actively provokes harmony.
Love aligns itself with the lowly and vulnerable.
Love doesn’t repay evil, ever.
Love spends itself to bring peace.

Well, how’d you do? If you are like me, you fell short-way short. But thankfully as we choose to make Jesus our central priority and we are led by His Spirit, little by little He changes our love to be like His. Lord, help us to experience Your unconditional love and then invest it in others. Amen

Pastor Sandy 

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