“He said to Jacob, ‘Let me gulp down some of that red stuff; I’m starving.’ (That is why he was called Edom.) But Jacob replied, ‘First give me your birthright in exchange for it.’ ” —Genesis 25:30-31

As the first-born son of Isaac and grandson of Abraham, Esau had a tremendous birthright. However, “Esau cared little for his birthright” (25:34). He sold it to his brother Jacob for a bowl of red soup. We are adopted sons and daughters of God, and heirs with Christ (Rm 8:14-17). But we can sell-out for such things as money, food, sex, or TV.

Prayer: Lord, may I never sell my eternal birthright for anything.
Promise: “Isaac entreated the Lord on behalf of his wife, since she was sterile. The Lord heard his entreaty, and Rebekah became pregnant.” —25:21

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