God’s intention was that Christ’s salvation would be available to all people, not just the Jews. Here, Paul addresses some objections and misconceptions the Jews had about the grace and mercy of Christ.

Romans 11:1-36

1. Vs. 1-10. Many Jews felt like God hadn’t kept His covenant to Israel. Paul reminded them that God had preserved a remnant  that would not bow their knees to another God. Most of Israel had turned their back on God, but God never turned His back on those who had true faith.

2. Vs. 11- 24. Salvation was not possible through good works, Jews and Gentiles alike needed to be grafted into God’s kingdom due to their continual, sinful choices.

3. Vs. 25-33. The deliverer was Jesus Christ, who came to save not just the Jews, but also the Gentiles from their wickedness. Jesus was not an earthly King, but an eternal savior who would provide all of humankind the opportunity to know eternal life.

We live in a world where hard work leads to rewards, knowledge is valued over wisdom, and independence is greatly sought over dependence. But salvation in Christ is a gift that can’t be worked for. Human knowledge is rubbish compared to the wisdom and knowledge of God. God calls you and I to be fully broken of our independence so that we can be fully dependent on Christ. Vs. 36– ‘For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be the glory forever!’

Trust in the grace God has for you, and find salvation in Christ.  HIS ways are higher than YOUR ways!

Pastor Jason Marshall


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