2 Samuel 14

David’s son Absalom kills his own brother Ammon and flees from King David who initially sought to punish him for this crime.

Years pass and eventually David’s general, Joab sends someone to tell the king a fictional story that was supposed to help David see the entire matter in a different light and it worked. David was eventually reconciled to Absalom, but it was only a temporary reconciliation that eventually turned out much worse.

Joab’s intentions may have been pure but the end result was even more pain and grief for David and the eventual loss of yet another son, Absalom. We must be careful when we interject our ideas and desires into someone else’s life. We must be certain that our actions are truly meant to benefit them and not just what we want to see happen.

But no matter how much we think that we are blessing someone, we MUST be led by the Holy Spirit so that we avoid the unintended consequences that only the One who holds eternity can foresee.

If you’ve ever got yourself in the middle of a battle of words (or wills) between two individuals you know just how messy this can be. BUT if we invite the Holy Spirit into our decision making and step when and where He leads and speak the words of His choosing, then we can trust that He will work out all things according to His perfect plan and we will be carriers of His matchless brilliance instead of attempting to help others with the shadowy light of human reasoning.

Come Holy Spirit, instruct our tongues, strengthen our hearts, guide our steps and grant us Your wisdom as we interact with others. Amen

Pastor Sandy

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