Compare and Contrast

In today’s passage we will observe again Paul’s emotions towards the Galatian church. Often times when observing the Bible you will not only notice tones and emotions but also comparing and contrasting.

Let’s observe the tone of this passage. “O foolish Galatians” (vs.1); “Who has bewitched you?” A question we should ask ourselves is why is Paul (author) so emotional? Paul answers that question with a compare and contrast. Sometimes noticing “compare and contrast” in the Bible will answer the very questions we have.


(vs.2) “Did You Receive the Spirit by”:

  1. Works of the Law


  1. Hearing with Faith


(vs.3) “Did you begin your walk with God by”:

  1. Begun by the Spirit


  1. Works of the flesh


(vs.5) “Does God supplies his Spirit to you and works miracles among you by”:

  1. Works of the Law


  1. Hearing by Faith


As we could see above Paul (the author) gives the readers a compare and contrast to answer the question why he was so upset at the Galatians. Using this method is a great tool to discover God’s word clearly

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