Galatians 3:1-14

We all start in the same place: SIN. No one saves themselves. Only our faith in Jesus. But like the Galatians, we become complacent with walls believing they’re just a part of life we have to learn to accept, “I’m stuck in this job, with this addiction, with my past, I’ll never be able to change” and so on. We live by the misguided assumption that what goes on in our lives is up to us. SO – we try to live righteous, going to church, doing good deeds. Trouble is – that’s not what Gods responds to. If we’ve learned anything from Scripture and our experiences with God, God responds to faith. He’s not concerned about appearances, but our level of faith, and that’s what the Galatians had forgotten. It’s impossible for us to finish something in the flesh that was began by God in the Spirit. It’s gonna fail every time (Eph. 2:8-9). We have to live believing the promises of God, that His grace will sustain us until HE completes the work He started. God’s gotten me out of some messes, sometimes going way beyond what I deserved = GRACE. Perhaps you can relate or maybe you’ve only seen glimpses. I’m here to tell you we serve a God who promises to respond when we step out in faith and trust Him (Is. 43:1-2). He will take us farther than we think we can go and bless us beyond what our human minds can comprehend.


Kelly McGaha

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