Whenever I need encouragement in perseverance, I think of Paul. Now there was an apostle who finished well! Paul was in prison … AGAIN when he wrote these letters to Timothy. Many commentaries state Paul’s letters to Timothy were his final writings. How did Paul “finish”? He encouraged Timothy and fellow believers to keep “pressing on” speaking out about the hope found in Jesus.

Finishing well doesn’t happen by accident. First, we need to be strong – in grace (v.1). When we operate within the will of God, He is faithful to provide all the strength and grace required. Second, we need to be prepared to endure trials (v.3). Suffering – least palatable in our Christian minds. Clearly the Bible states we will endure trials while also providing our promise of hope, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Phil. 4:13) Finally we must keep our focus on Jesus (v.8) remembering that NOTHING can stop God’s Word (v.9) It is not bound by a book cover, kept in a church or hidden behind an altar. God’s word is alive and active within those who choose to persevere through trials and circumstances.

When we die – He lives. While we endure – He reigns. Even when we are faithless – He is faithful. That’s how we “finish well”. Trust in the living God!

Kelly McGaha

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