Are You Gazing?

As we continue to read through the book of Acts, you will see an “overflow” of the Holy Spirit filling God’s people in Acts 2. This story of the lame beggar being healed is just that. One particular phrase that stood out to me was in Acts 3:4 “Peter directed his gaze at the lame man”. Peter blocked out everything around him and focused on this man. This story takes place at the busiest time of the day, with hundreds of people crowded around Peter, rushing into the temple. Peter could have been focused on pressing through the crowed to get a good seat in the temple, however he gazed at this man. Peter’s gazing resulted in him discovering not only his physical need, but also his spiritual need (vs.6).

Are we “gazing” at people around us? In our fast pace world this could be difficult. We often gaze at our agenda’s, goals, and problems more than others around us. Gazing in this passage is three things: 1. Focusing on other’s more than ourselves; 2. Focusing on the spiritual and physical needs of others; 3. Focusing on Jesus who is the answer to all problems. As we start this week let’s gaze at people we come in contact with, and watch how heal the broken world around us.

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