When your church grows you grow!  God designed your life to grow as you join together with other believers to love Him and share Him.  Verse 46-47 says that as people made church part of their everyday relationship with God two things happened.  1) the church grew daily,  2) people’s needs for purpose, provision and favor in relationships were all met.  We tend to think of church as something we “make time” for after we take care of all our practical and social needs.  The Book of Acts shows the exact opposite.

So let me challenge you today: if your church isn’t growing you are not growing.  God made you to reflect His Trinity nature by being in relationship with others who are filled with His Holy Spirit.  When that is healthy in your life you will grow and so will your church.  Take a look at the pattern and nature of growth in the New Testament Church: Acts 2:47, 4:4, 5:14, 6:7, 9:31, 12:24, 13:49 & 19:20.  Study that just for a few minutes today.  Are you a Spirit-filled follower of Christ? It should show in the way you share life in an everyday way with your church family.

Call, text, email, pray, encourage or serve someone from your church today.

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