It is essential that we reflect on the messages that were handed down to us, submitting them to Christ and His Word. The cost of ignoring the impact of our past on our present life is costly. God’s desire for us to leave our families is similar to the desire he had for the Israelites to leave Egypt. Although the Israelites did physically leave the land of Egypt, a great deal of Egyptian culture and thinking remained in them. In the same way, we may choose to become Christ followers, but in reality we continue to follow, probably unconsciously, the commandments and rules we internalized in our families of origin. (page 100)

We all have “things” in our lives that are there as a result of what we were taught growing up. Some of those “things” are great, while others are not. Just as our reading states, some of those “things” that we do or believe, are contrary to Christ. We must examine ourselves to find if those “things” are of Him, or if it’s something that was passed down to us. Although we may not want to, we must consider those areas in our lives. I challenge you to do so because God has something great on the other side. He doesn’t want us to continue doing the same thing because that’s what we’re comfortable with. The time has come and He wants us to move forward and receive all that He has for us. Philippians 3:13. He wants you to grow!

Pastor Anedra

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