“My personal Rule of Life is a constantly changing document. It is a ‘live’ work in progress – always.” (pg. 200)

‘Live’ work in progress … how exciting! Know what that means? God’s work in us isn’t complete. As we mature in Christ, our “Rule of Life” changes/adapts. Some basic elements to help you begin:

  • Scripture – God speaks to us through the Word
  • Silence & Solitude – Quiet & stillness allow us to hear
  • Daily Office – This will look different for each person
  • Study – Study with the intention to become more Christ-like
  • Sabbath – Even God rested on the seventh day
  • Simplicity – Less is more, when done as an act of worship to God

Remember: There really aren’t any rules! Spend time with God & allow Him to direct you. Be selective & intentional in choosing elements that draw you closer to Him


Kelly McGaha

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