To have healthy relationships there must be respect and respect isn’t just a feeling we work-up, instead it is how we intentionally choose and actively commit to treating the people in our world on an everyday basis.

Complete this quiz about how well you respect others, taking a moment to let God speak to you about each area.

Space and Privacy?

Accepting differences?

Allowing to disagree?

Really hearing others?

Taking others seriously?

Giving the benefit of the doubt?

Telling the truth?

Consulting others when your decisions will affect them?

Understanding imperfection and allowing mistakes?

Giving courteous and honorable treatment?

Offering respect?

How did you do???

God created those around you and then He intentionally intersected your lives, so He can help you grow together in a Jesus-centered way! Our loving Father stands ready to strengthen you in every area where you fell short, you have only to ask.

Pastor Sandy

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