“Stopping for Daily Office to be with God is the key to creating a continual and easy familiarity with God’s presence the rest of the day. It is the rhythm of stopping that makes the “practice of the presence of God”. (page 159)

With the things that life brings to us on a daily basis, it’s important for us to get away and spend time with God. When we commit to spending time with Him on a daily basis, He prepares us for our day and we become in tune with what He is doing and saying. We grow spiritually! This time with God can also be a time where we can find rest from all of life’s challenges.

For some, there are a lot of hats that you may wear and trying to find the time to set aside for daily office seems impossible. When you make that commitment to set aside everything and be with Him, He’ll make a way for things to get done. Proverbs 16:3

Pastor Anedra

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