“Job screamed out in his pain, holding nothing back. He shouted at God. He prayed wild prayers. He doubted. He wept. He wondered where God is & why all this has happened to him.” (pg. 142-143)

Have you ever asked God THE question: Why me Lord? Of course! It’s perfectly human & logical to wonder how a loving God, full of grace & mercy allows suffering. The real question should be: What are You trying to teach me? “Our churches are filled with ‘leaking’ Christians who have not treated their emotions as a discipleship issue.” (pg. 143) Nothing is hidden from God. Not your anger, disappointment, bitterness, or any other emotion you feel isn’t “Christian”. Asking God ‘Why me’ isn’t a sin. It reveals a lack of maturity in areas of our lives where God wants to develop our faith & trust in Him. Rather than focusing on yourself, focus on God.

Kelly McGaha

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