“I have wondered if the greatest loss we must grieve is our [own] limits.”

In late December I sat in a quiet room looking over the past year; my blessings, failures and the ways I had grown. I realized that I’d grown to better understand my limits. The book calls it embracing the gift of limits but I’d never considered my limits a gift. They were just flaws to be improved or weaknesses to cover…but to embrace them as blessings? Never.

But in 2014 Jesus whispered to me that my limits were a precious gift from Him…one that would drive me to my knees in desperate pleading for His limitlessness and also knit my heart with others whose limits differed from mine.

Do you find it hard to celebrate your limits? Then ask Jesus to show you how they can draw you closer to Him and to others, so that together we can accomplish all that He’s planned!

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