“I like to know where God is going [and] what He is doing… [But] most of the time we have no idea…” (p 129)

Journeying through “The Wall” with Jesus produces a stronger appreciation for holy unknowing and a greater ability to wait on God. Let’s face it, God is totally beyond our ability to figure out. But who wants to serve a God that my brain can grasp or direct? Not me! But as we invite Jesus on our journey we learn that not knowing is ok and that waiting can actually be a season of blessing.

Do you struggle with waiting and expect yourself to have all the answers? Then consider investing some time in exploring the trustworthiness of Christ. Search the Scriptures, wait on Him in prayer and see if you don’t find Him trustworthy to care for the mysteries of life. He’s worth waiting on and His track record is flawless!


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