In 2 Samuel 19 David is reinstated as king instead of Absalom. The nation should’ve rejoiced and some did but others only cared about the fact that things hadn’t gone exactly their way.

In fact, the leaders of Israel and Judah began arguing over who carried David and his household items back to the palace. Picky, picky, picky. The rightful king was on his throne, but instead they sounded like bickering children.

I wonder how often we miss the joy of God’s blessings because they didn’t happen exactly when and how WE planned or purposed that they would.

But look at the examples of Barzillai of Gilead who couldn’t enjoy David’s desire to bless him personally, but who rejoiced that his king had returned. And consider Johnathon’s son, Mephibosheth who gave up all of his due inheritance for the jubilation to stand rejoicing that David had arrived safely.

Today, let’s rejoice that Jesus, the King of Kings remains firmly on His throne and that we get to bask in His glorious presence. May we turn our focus from insignificant details to making way for His rule in our lives as we relish His abiding presence.

Deliver us Lord from picky, picky, picky and help us learn to have grateful hearts for all You’ve done even when it doesn’t look like we had imagined. Most of all Lord we give thanks for who You are and that Your kingdom’s reign will never end! Amen

Pastor Sandy

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