2 Samuel 22

This rich song of praise is filled with faith for God as deliverer, God as just, and God has provider.

Deliverer (v. 4-20) God serves as our shield in the midst of the enemy’s attacks but also in the trials and storms we face. When fear rises up inside of us, Jesus gives us the shield of faith.

Just (v. 21-30) The value of making right choices is reflected through the blessings of God to those whom trust in Him. The Lord longs to give us strength to overcome sinful patterns and choices (vs. 29-30).

Provider (v. 31-46)- God’s strength is limitless for every circumstance of life. There are no rocks more sturdy than the rock of salvation.

When we praise the Lord, we acknowledge our need for God’s intervention in our daily life. How often do you praise the Lord? Is praise relegated to just a Sunday morning worship service? How can praise draw you closer to Christ?

Your soul needs to praise the Lord! There’s no need to reinvent the wheel, so read and meditate on 2 Samuel 22. Then, offer to God whatever it is that is on your heart: things you rejoice over, and things that trouble you, no matter how big or small the matter that concerns you. Praise the Lord like David to discover what it means to praise God as deliverer, praise God as just, and praise God as provider.

Jason Marshall

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