Galatians 2:11-21


You may remember going to grammar class growing up, learning about the different parts of a sentence. In the English language, conjunctions are words or phrases that form relationships between one thought/idea/subject to another thought/idea/subject.


Read the passage above in the NIV translation, then see if you can spot some of the following conjunction words stated here. Some frequently repeated words here include: ‘and’, ‘but’, ‘that’, ‘because’, and ‘so that’.


Here’s what you can observe in this passage by looking at the functions of conjunction words:


  1. (v11-v14) Paul confronts Peter for his hypocrisy. He uses the conjunction words of ‘Before’, ‘But’, and ‘so that’ to contrast the way Peter had been relating to people vs. the way Peter is currently relating to Jews vs. Gentiles.


  1. (vs. 15-21) Conjunction words are used to distinguish and establish word meaning relationships between Jews vs. Gentiles, faith vs. the law, justification vs. the law, and the life Paul no longer lives vs. the life Paul currently lives in Christ.


  1. (vs. 20-21) Conjunction words are used to show that Christ died and gave himself up for all people, not just those under the law.


Meditate on Galatians 2:20-21, and identify the conjunction words. Does your life reflect a life lived in your own strength, or in the strength of Christ? Consider this last statement: (the conjunction phrase is in CAPS). Choose to live in Christ SO THAT you may find strength to live in the mission of grace God has for you!


Jason Marshall


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