“Come on, let us kill him and throw him into one of the cisterns here; we could say that a wild beast devoured him. We shall then see what comes of his dreams.” —Genesis 37:20

Jacob’s family continued the problems of the past. Rebekah favored Jacob over Esau (27:5-6). Then Jacob favored Rachel over Leah (29:30). He also favored Rachel’s sons Joseph and Benjamin over his other sons. Because of this, the other sons hated Joseph. They wouldn’t even greet him. They almost murdered him and finally sold him into slavery. Then they lied to the “old man,” their father. Jacob’s family was involved in lying, cheating, murder, incest, rape, hatred, and unforgiveness. And you thought your family had problems.

Prayer: Father, may my family repent of all unforgiveness and be healed.

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