” ‘I hear it said of you that the moment you are told a dream you can interpret it.’ ‘It is not I,’ Joseph replied to Pharaoh, ‘but God Who will give Pharaoh the right answer.’ ” —Genesis 41:15-16

Joseph started off the day rotting in prison. A guard came to take Joseph from his cell. Joseph was told to shave and change his clothes. “He came into Pharaoh’s presence” (41:14), interpreted Pharaoh’s dreams, and immediately was made the second most powerful man in all Egypt. “Thus was Joseph installed over the whole land of Egypt. ‘I, Pharaoh, proclaim,’ he told Joseph, ‘that without your approval no one shall move hand or foot in all the land of Egypt’ ” (41:43-44). The Lord knows how to exalt the humble and keep all His promises. Alleluia!

Prayer: Father, give me the faith of Joseph of the Old Testament and Joseph of the New Testament.
Promise: “He named his first-born Manasseh, meaning, ‘God has made me forget entirely the sufferings I endured at the hands of my family’; and the second he named Ephraim, meaning, ‘God has made me fruitful in the land of my affliction.’ ” —41:51-52

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