Ruth 3

While Ruth’s act towards Boaz might look abominable, a closer examination of the context provides a much different perspective. Ruth & Boaz provide hope to those who have waited patiently for marriage and for those needing to be refreshed in God’s grace working through faith.

V.9: Ruth’s comment to Boaz is a proposal for marriage. While disastrous in a worst case scenario and risky in even the best of circumstances, Boaz receives Ruth’s request favorably.

Ruth- Ruth was described as a noble woman (v.11), despite her relative poverty. Ruth trusted Naomi greatly, and Naomi saw that Ruth should re-marry rather than stay with her. Ruth acted in faith and obedience to Naomi despite the risk she undertook.

Boaz- Boaz was esteemed highly by others. A kinsman-redeemer is someone responsible for taking care of needy members of their extended family. Boaz not only accepted Ruth’s invitation for marriage but protected her by letting her stay with him until morning.

Naomi- The matchmaker saw fit that Boaz and Ruth were to be joined in marriage. She trusted Boaz to take care of her daughter-in-law, but also understood she would have to be the one to be God’s vessel of grace to Ruth.

Read Psalm 37:4-5. Ruth joyfully served Boaz and Naomi. Boaz looked past Ruth’s appearance of poverty by seeing her great faith and courage in action.

Be a good steward in the journey God calls you to walk. Let God’s grace redeem the deepest desires of your heart.


Jason Marshall

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