“…I proclaimed a fast, so that we might humble ourselves before our God & ask Him for a safe journey…”

No other time are expectations at an all-time high than New Year’s Eve. Anticipation builds at the thought of wiping the slate clean & starting over, stepping into a fresh season or moving forward after a prolonged period of stagnation. But without preparation, will you be headed in the right direction? Spiritual preparation is key. I realize this goes against everything our brains tell us. We charge ahead with plans & lists on how best to “make it happen”. But if we’re not spiritually prepared, we’ll find ourselves spinning our wheels, kicking up mud & getting filthy but not moving.

This is where we can learn & apply the example of the Israelites in Ezra chapter 8. They had been in exile for decades & were preparing for an extended journey over harsh country. Instead of gathering provisions, Ezra called for a fast. Why? He recognized fasting as an expression of total dependence on God. Fasting is a tangible reminder to us how utterly NOT in control we are. Ezra wasn’t prepared to take the journey without God. And neither should we. This time is a privilege, not obligation. An opportunity to reflect on the grace He has poured out & the blessings that lie ahead. May God speak to your heart as you continue to seek His Face.


Kelly McGaha

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