Stir one another up

August 15, 2017Daily Reading

 – Hebrews 10:24-25 PERSONAL: Ask God who to write a note/text of gratitude to. CORNERSTONE: Pray for God to raise up new Small Group Leaders. MOTIVATION: Pray for favor in the school with the new leadership.

“Enjoy” one another

August 15, 2017Daily Reading

 – Mark 10 PERSONAL: Ask God who you can encourage today and how. CORNERSTONE: Pray for Discipleship relationships to multiply. MOTIVATION: Pray our mailers would connect with people in the community.  

Love one another

August 14, 2017Daily Reading

 – John 13:34-35 PERSONAL: Ask God who needs to receive the unconditional love of Jesus from you and how. Act on what He says. CORNERSTONE: Pray that Loving relationships and friendships would be formed within the church. MOTIVATION: Pray that the last leg of fundraising would be fruitful as we go to churches and friends … Read More

Pray for one another

August 13, 2017Daily Reading

Pray for one another – James 5:16 PERSONAL: Ask God what He wants to transform in you. CORNERSTONE: Pray that the unity in our diversity would continue to be a lighthouse in the community. MOTIVATION: Pray that the Lord continues to solidify the team.