August 12 – Genesis 40  —  DREAM LAND

August 12, 2016Daily Reading

“They answered him, ‘We have had dreams, but there is no one to interpret them for us.’ Joseph said to them, ‘Surely, interpretations come from God. Please tell the dreams to me.’ ” —Genesis 40:8 Joseph got into this mess by interpreting dreams (37:5-9). He eventually got out of prison by interpreting dreams. Prayer: Father, … Read More

August 10 – Genesis 38  —  THE TRIBE OF JUDAH

August 10, 2016Daily Reading

“Judah got a wife named Tamar for his first-born, Er. But Er, Judah’s first-born, greatly offended the Lord; so the Lord took his life.” —Genesis 38:6-7 Judah failed to recognize his daughter-in-law, thought she was a prostitute, and committed incest with her. She conceived and gave birth to twins. This shameful event was nonetheless used … Read More

August 9 – Genesis 37  —  FOCUS ON THE FAMILY

August 9, 2016Daily Reading

“Come on, let us kill him and throw him into one of the cisterns here; we could say that a wild beast devoured him. We shall then see what comes of his dreams.” —Genesis 37:20 Jacob’s family continued the problems of the past. Rebekah favored Jacob over Esau (27:5-6). Then Jacob favored Rachel over Leah … Read More

August 8 – Genesis 36  —  “DISHONORABLE” MENTION

August 8, 2016Daily Reading

“These are the descendants of Esau [that is, Edom]. Esau took his wives from among the Canaanite women.” —Genesis 36:1-2 Genesis’ priestly author ties up the loose ends of this section by giving “dishonorable” mention to Esau and his descendants, the descendants of Seir, and the early kings of Edom. Prayer: Lord, may I not … Read More

August 4 – Genesis 34  —  CHIPS OFF THE OLD BLOCK

August 4, 2016Daily Reading

“Jacob’s sons replied to Shechem and his father Hamor with guile, speaking as they did because their sister Dinah had been defiled.” —Genesis 34:13 After years of trouble, Jacob and his family seemed to be at peace — but not for long. Jacob’s daughter Dinah was raped by the Hivite Shechem. Shechem wanted to marry … Read More

August 2 – Genesis 32  —  BIG-TIME WRESTLING

August 2, 2016Daily Reading

“Jacob was left there alone. Then some Man wrestled with him until the break of dawn.” —Genesis 32:25 Since Jacob had “ripped off” Esau and fled from him twenty years ago, he wasn’t looking forward to a family reunion. Before this encounter, Jacob met a Man Who wrestled with him all night long. Jacob walked … Read More

August 1 – Genesis 31  —  HOME, SWEET HOME

August 1, 2016Daily Reading

“Jacob had hoodwinked Laban the Aramean by not telling him of his intended flight.” —Genesis 31:20 After twenty years of being ripped off by Laban and yet somehow always coming out on top, Jacob decided to go home. After much controversy, Jacob and Laban parted in peace. Prayer: “May the Lord keep watch between you … Read More