There are times in life in when we feel disconnected from God and alone. If you feel this way, consider looking deeper into your Bible. The Bible was faithfully recorded by inspired men from all walks of life, who lived across three continents, and compiled the texts over a period of fifteen hundred years without ever contradicting one another. God spoke then through Scripture, and He is still speaking through it now.

When we neglect to meet God in the words He preserved for us, we lose our bearing in life and He seems distant. However, the wonderful truth is that God hasn’t moved and He is still speaking to us through the Bible. Remember; it’s not just a book with worn-out phrases, rather, it’s a treasure house of truth that’s living and active. The Bible is a fountain of living water and is intended to be our prime source of strength. Pick it up, dust it off, and draw near to the God who still speaks.

Pastor Rowena

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