2 Samuel 24 finds Israel under a curse that King David had played a part in causing. The prophet Gad directed him to build an altar at a certain place to stop the plague that had already killed 70,000.

Now when David went to purchase the items for the altar the owner offered to give him everything; the land, the oxen, even the wood. But David declares “I will buy them at full price. I won’t present to the LORD offerings that cost me nothing.”

This passage made me think about my “offerings”. What about yours? Do our “offerings” truly mean a sacrifice? For example:

Is the time we spend in God’s Word a time carved out that will actually mean less time for other things or is it just moments here and there to cross off our list?

Is our prayer closet a place of habitual visitation or do we utter prayers over meals or when trials hit our lives?

When we give God time, talents or treasures do we give our best or relegate Him to what’s leftover?

These are the probing questions He whispered to my heart. May those with ears to hear, answer His call and may our hearts respond as David’s did; “I won’t offer the Lord that which costs me nothing.”

Deepen our resolve O Lord to bring Your our very finest, choosing to do without rather than giving you anything but our very best of all that you’ve blessed us with! Amen

“Worthy of all my days, worthy of all my ways…worthy!”

Pastor Sandy

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